Caitlin Langone-Brewer

Caitlin Langone-Brewer

Behavior Consultant

Caitlin Langone-Brewer

Behavior Consultant, Fear/Aggression Specialist

About Me

Master's of Canine Life Sciences - Bergin University of Canine Studies

All her life she has had dogs in her home, guiding and inspiring her as she grew up. Caitlin has been working with dogs in different capacities for over ten years and has been studying in detail about dogs and everything relating to them since age twelve. When she was twenty, she was fortunate enough to adopt Wesley, her American Pit Bull Terrier, from a no-kill shelter in Newburgh, NY. With Wesley, she translated her accumulated dog knowledge into action; he has served as a well-mannered breed ambassador to open up the hearts and minds of people unfamiliar with or afraid of pit bull dogs. In 2017, Caitlin received her Master’s of Canine Life Sciences degree from the Master of Canine Life Sciences program at the prestigious Bergin University of Canine Studies in California. She worked with service dogs-in-training and trained the future service dog puppies in basic obedience and generalized socialization. The graduate program at Bergin University educates students on all aspects of canine life and development, including genetics, training techniques and theory, behavioral analysis, canine cognition, law and ethics so Caitlin has a vast and extensive knowledge to help our clients with the issues they are having with their dogs.

Dogs understand us on a level that no other animal does:

– they understand our gazes, our body language, and even our emotions. The bond you share with your dog is one of the most unique relationships in the animal kingdom - it is a relationship 30,000 years in the making.

Caitlin's goal is to help you understand your dog’s behavior and emotions, and how to best utilize the latest in canine cognitive sciences to teach your dog in the most effective and humane way possible. Working together, you can strengthen the bond between you and your dog, while she guides you to training a thoughtful, well-mannered dog who has learned to make good decisions. A thoughtful dog is a responsive dog, and a responsive dog is a joy to train!

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